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Asa Nu Maan Watna Da

T-Series Apna Punjab


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Published on Jul 26, 2012
Asa nu maan watna da is a Punjabi movie directed by Manmohan Singh released in 2004 and starring Harbhajan Mann. This film depicts what happens to those who return to their homeland after a prolonged absence abroad. This film deals with the following questions:
Are migrants really welcomed back to their motherland? Is it the same motherland which they left behind? Does the motherland have the same rich, cultural values which they strove to teach to their children? Are they left confused about where they fit in? Could Love bloom within two young hearts, born and raised in two different lands? Does forgiveness and love calm the stormy ocean of human hearts? What does the West offer the East and what does the East offer the West? Is unity possible?
cinematography was by Mr. Harmeet Singh.

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